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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something weird happened to me the last time I was flying from Pittsburgh (to Atlanta) to Little Rock. And I don't mean when we sat at the gate after boarding the plane for 56 minutes, waiting for the catering cart, I almost expected that part.

No, the weird thing was, someone was nice to me. In the Atlanta airport. Like especially nice. Not just the usual "Excuse me ma'm, can you please get out of the way before I run you over with this beeping cart?"Although that happened too.

I was sitting at a new gate, and another passenger sat down beside me. Let me specify by saying that I had been sitting at another gate. I got there nice and early for my flight. Ever since my wonderful overnight stay in Detroit I always schedule ridiculously long lay-overs. So I was all settled in at my gate, sitting there for about 40 minutes when I decided to re-check my flight on the big screen.

And sure enough, my new gate was approximately 58 miles and a train ride away from my original gate. Oh, the joys of flying.

After a mini state of shock, I realized I had time and made it there. And then this other passenger sat down next to me. She was probably in her forties, and dressed professionally, with round glasses in her brown hair in a pony tail. I smiled at her and we bonded by discussing our journeys through the Atlanta airport (as she had been seated at the far-away gate originally too).

Then I found out that she was traveling from Pittsburgh to Atlanta to Little Rock too, so we discussed the Burgh - where she lived. (and now that I think about it, it's not surprising that she was nice considering her hometown ;) )

Then she pulled this book out of her bag:

I asked her about how the book was (as I had read a review for it in a People magazine). She said it was good, and that if she finished on the plane, she would give it to me. 

And, thanks to fact that we waited an hour for lightly salted peanuts, when we were just about to land in LR, she walked down the plane aisles, found me (even though I had a window seat) and gave me the book! I thought it was so nice of her. :) 

So anyway, I just finished the book yesterday! The ending was a little strange/left me a little confused. Other than that, I enjoyed it! It was an interesting non-conventional read (for example: she doesn't use any quotation marks for dialogue, so that was weird at first). Also, fantastical elements (the main character can taste the feelings of the cook in the food she eats) are intertwined with the normal. A good summer read though :)

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