The Joys of Packing

Friday, June 17, 2011

(Read The Joys of Unpacking for another positive post reflecting my impeccable tidiness)

Since I move to Madison in 2 weeks, I started packing yesterday. Here is what turned up when I attempted to organize/pack my socks:

6 Puma lone puma socks. This picture truly sums up my organizational skills.  

I plan on wearing the powder pink and baby blue socks with one another, in case I ever want to wear my Phi Beta Kappa honors society cord again. 

That's right, the honor cord for allegedly a selective honor society chose these beautiful pale colors to represent their prestigiousness. Don't they just scream: I'm going to a baby shower?? (specifically, where the sex of the baby is unknown and/or the mother-to-be is having a set of fraternal twins with opposing sexes?!) I'm constantly trying to master that look. Now my socks, that don't actually match, can match my honor cord. Why am I so fashionable?

The good news is, 2 other puma socks came out of the dryer this morning. The bad news was, one was purple and the other was green. I wish I was making this up. 

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  1. The answer to this is to never wear socks. And when it's the dead of winter and you have to, just wear mismatched socks on purpose. Problem solved!