Weekly Favorites: It's Gonna Be May

Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May, homies! When I was little, living in Iowa (until I was 7), we used to celebrate May Day on May 1. Aka playing ding-dong-ditch at friends' houses and leaving them cups of candy! After I moved to Pennsylvania, it was disappointing that May Day was no longer a "thing" there. Whether or not your hometown celebrates May Day, I strongly encourage candy consumption today!

Although my instagram is biased to Lake Monona, Madison's Lake Mendota is also beautiful this time of year!

Here are a few links for your (hopefully warm!) weekend:

Are you part of the 6.7% of American adults who read poetry? (The fewest readers, ever.)

I'm not a poetry snob (nor a poetry expert), but as I mentioned here, I have started reading it. If you're looking for a great place to start, I highly recommend this book.

My girl Becky* is nominated for Redbook Style Award**!! Vote for her, if you'd like.

*not my twin sister, Becky, Stephen's sister, Becky.
**I've decided this makes me stylish by association.

I made this pasta dish for Stephen and he proclaimed it the best dish I ever made! (Not saying too much, ha.) Had to share because (secret) it's really easy. This one was good too!

On important texting matters: hahaha vs. hehehe in the New Yorker

Uber drivers can now deliver you food. (In select cities.)

I attended a Count to Kicks luncheon on Wednesday —  I'm not pregnant, but I met Glennon Melton Doyle (!!) — but, if you know someone pregnant/in her last trimester share this site with her! It's really important to track movements in the third trimester, and I had no idea. (They have an app too!)

TED talk of the week: "Every single life matters equally and infinitely." (Warning: I cried a bit watching this.) And, I got the app.

Utah is a state I "need" as I attempt to go to all 50 — and Lauren's Salt Lake City post solidifies that!

Throwback rap song of the week :)

Happy weekend, homies! And Happy May!

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  1. So funny, when we lived in Omaha everyone celebrated May Day and I was like..what the heck is May day?!?