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Monday, November 14, 2011

Last week, I got to experience the wonder of taking 6 flights in 5 days. And I never rode middle seat. That, my friends, is a small miracle. Now on Thanksgiving, when we go around the table, I'll finally have something to say.

Of course, technically, it was 3 trips (3 different connecting flights), but 6 flight numbers, 6 boarding passes, 6 chances to fight over the arm rest with wonderful strangers mid-air.

Most of my seat - mates were pretty nice, though the first guy was kinda over friendly. He introduced himself and told me all about his kids, grandkids, etc.  Which was totally fine. But at the end of the flight he kind of caught me off guard. Right after we landed, he asked out of the blue, "What's your last name?" Here's a challenge: try lying when someone asks you that. Impossible.

By far, my best seatmate was on my flight to Atlanta to Little Rock. When I didn't have one. The plane had over 100 seats, and there were only 21 people on the flight.

What's the chances one of those 21 people would be a screaming child? 100 percent. Still, it was nice that my legs were semi-comfortable for a couple hours. I said it before, and I'll say it again. Flying is the revenge of the short people. I don't think there's ever a flight where I don't hit my head.

 I told one of my friends about the ridiculously empty flight to Little Rock, and she commented by asking, "Can't they plan that better and get you on a smaller plane?" which was what I thought on the way there.

However, that question was answered on the flight back to ATL. Packed. They need the plane there - because everyone wants to leave ;) (Just kidding, Stephen!)

Also, when I was leaving LR, there was some problems with my carry on luggage. Namely, they kept running it through and then searching it, unable to find the hidden liquid. They ran it through THREE times. Searched it each time, and then ran it through again. I figured out that they were probably looking for my non-travel-sized toothpaste, but just let them keep running it through, hoping it would "pass" the next time.

I was torn because I knew my toothpaste was in the front zip compartment of my roll-on, yet, I didn't want to have to give it away because it wasn't travel sized. So I let them keep aimlessly searching the big compartment, until the paranoid part of me that likes being at my gate AT LEAST 30 minutes early kicked in and told the cheap part of me that didn't want to buy a new tube of toothpaste to suck it up. I told them where to find it, and sacrificed my tube of Crest in the name of punctuality. I told the TSA man and woman to feel free to use it. The woman responded, "We aren't allowed to keep anything." The man responded, "I don't use Crest." Not exactly sure what that last comment was all about.

So, of all the security gates I've passed through with my non-travel-sized toothpaste, Little Rock finally conquered me. I bought some travel toothpaste today at the grocery store. Along with 70 dollars worth of random food. That's what I get for shopping while starving!

As much as I hate on Arkansas though, it sure is pretty. I posted some previous pictures from my first trip in March and my second trip in May. It truly is a naturally gorgeous state, and it was beautiful to see in the fall!

Stephen and I legit climbed Pinnacle mountain this time. The other time we just walked on paths. Kind of like "Mountain climbing for dummies." This time, rocks, rocks, and more rocks!! And they were STEEP! It was hard to capture how steep, and how many there were, in pictures. There were lots of serious hikers/climbers there, since it was a beautiful day, and we were in the minority since we had tennis shoes on and not fancy hiking shoes, but we held our own.

One of my favorite pics from the climb

I hope each of you enjoyed your weekend, whether you spent lots of time traveling or never left the house!! This weekend, I'll probably shoot for the latter - and stay home, where I can use liquids that come in > 3 oz containers! :)

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