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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My favorite feature of my iphone 4s is the camera. By far. Sure, it's fun asking Siri (my personal assistant) every single day if she will marry me and hearing her variety of different responses.  I like "Let's just be friends, ok?" As well as "That's not in the contract." Nothing like getting consistently rejected by an inanimate object. Yes, I remember when my Furby hated me and wouldn't talk to me. Some things never change.

But I just love snapping random pictures throughout my day. For instance, on the way to work, I had the honor of sitting behind this vehicle at a stoplight:

An enormous Budlight bumper sticker? That's taking the motto "Mini Van, Mega Fun" to a whole new level. I couldn't actually tell if they were advertising for Budlight, or just really adament fans. But I'm leaning towards the latter. (Have any of you seen BL vans driving around, kind of like the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile or the Good Year Blimp?)

Once I got to work, I snapped a pic on my way to the company cafe to purchase my morning latte and pastry:

I often take for granted that I work on an absolutely beautiful campus, that many of my friends/family/readers have never seen! So I'm going to try to include more pics w/ my posts!

Then, for lunch, I waited in a very long line to get the chef's special:

Apple Cider BBQ ribs, mac & cheese, and slaw. Totally worth the wait.

Hope you enjoyed these little glimpses in to my day. I'm taking on an absolutely impossible challenging feat tonight and this weekend. I am going to take a stab at cooking dinner tonight (chicken parm). And then, this weekend, I am going to TRY to bake 4 pies for a little Thanksgiving celebration. When I called my mom to ask her for her famous pie recipes, her response was, "You know, honey, you can always just buy pies." That is definitely plan B. But I bought 4 pie plates, a rolling pin, and an electronic mixer yesterday (because, honestly, why would I have those things?) Wish me luck!

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