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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

If you're looking for a fun summer romance to read on a beach (or on the balcony of your two bedroom apartment...close enough), look no further than The Royal We. I originally heard of this book while listening to the episode on the Lively Show where host Jess Lively interviews both authors. That's right, this book is co-written, which intrigued me, so I downloaded it on my iPad and basically binge read it over the weekend. It was a diverting escape:

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

My six word description of this book: fast-paced, page-turner, plot-driven. Personally, I prefer character-driven to plot-driven books, but I enjoyed the story nonetheless. The authors are masters at cliffhanger chapter endings, which make you want to keep reading. (Warning: could read this book really fast so only pick it up if you have some time to read!)

The premise is simple, but fun: College student Rebecca (Bex) Porter takes a semester at Oxford...and everything changes when the Prince, and heir to the throne, Nick is on her hallway. In the podcast, the authors described it as: "It's like the story of Kate Middleton and Prince Will...if Kate Middleton was an American." So, if you have any type of royal fascination, I definitely think you should check it out!

The book chronicles the ups and downs of their relationship in a lighthearted way. My main critique would be, although there were a few nice surprises, I found it a tad predictable. Also (and this is just perhaps pretentious of me) I found some of the metaphors a little off. I'm all for metaphors and similes, but I prefer when they're smooth and subtle--and don't take you out of the story.

Overall, a fun book if you're in the mood for a quick plot-driven romance!

p.s. The last book I read was also set in I want to take a trip across the pond!

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