Field Trip: Whistling Straits

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

For Stephen's upcoming birthday, his parents got him tickets to the final round of the PGA Championships! It marked my first-ever golf tournament, so it was quite the learning experience for me, and such a beautiful course. Who knew such a lovely course is in Wisconsin? I wanted to share some pretty pictures today, as well as tips for attending golf tournaments.

It sits on Lake Michigan in Sheboygan, Wisconsin—and is simply stunning, as shown:

A few things you absolutely need when attending an outdoor golf tournament: sunglasses and a hat (I kept the hat in the above picture to emphasize the point)! I never (EVER) where hats, but I'm glad I busted out my good old-fashioned Patriot League Championship hat for the occasion because it was hot!

(Note the tons of people there to watch!)

Also: comfortable shoes. There's a couple way to watch golf tournaments: you can camp out by one hole and watch all the golfers go by (or sit in the grand stands to do this), or you can walk the course/follow a golfer as he plays all the holes. If you're going to do the latter, be cognizant of your shoes! Golf courses are big! (Perhaps the most obvious sentence ever posted on here, am I right?) And it's actually hard to keep up with the golfers because they have direct paths from hole to hole and you're walking outside of the ropes.

Above is Rory McIlroy! We followed him for five holes but had to stop when we were dying of heat stroke. :) (Love his name for the obvious Gilmore Girls vibes.)

The course was gorgeous and I don't think my pictures do it any justice—I encourage checking it out if you're in Wisconsin!

Another thing to remember: sunscreen! I reapplied a bunch, but still got a little color. There's really very little shade on golf courses.

We had to ride a shuttle bus to and from the parking lot, but it was pretty efficient and a lot less nightmare-ish to park than I anticipated.

Overall, an enjoyable day that made me want to check out the Sheboygan area/eastern Wisconsin more! Hope you are all having good weeks! xx

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