A fresh start

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm back from a travel-filled blogging hiatus!

Thankfully my travel wasn't all for work, and I was able to go home for the holidays! I've been to South Dakota, New York, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Delaware since the last time I blogged (and some Wisconsin time in between!)

decorative snapshot from home sweet home
I did find out that I spent 91 nights in 2013 in a Marriott though - talk about depressing. That's 25% of the year. And 25% of the rent payments I made were officially pointless.

There's something about long hours in airports that zaps every creative instinct I have out of me. My inspiration dissipates more and more as my flight gets more and more delayed.

Suddenly, Temple Run on my iPad is the only thing I am capable of doing and navigating to a bathroom with my luggage seems like an unconquerable feat. And maybe I'll prep for that meeting tomorrow morning. But, I was so close to the high score. And maybe I should blog. Gate change. The new gate is conveniently a marathon away. Another delay.

At this point, it's more likely I'll compete in Sochi for figure skating than make my connecting flight. I am now down to focusing on basic physical functioning and any social or emotional or creative capabilities I once had have vanished into thin air, like my connecting flight, without me.

Thus, the blogging has been sparse. And for that, I apologize. As with most things, I blame commercial airlines. (But I'd be remiss if I did not take partial blame. :))

However, there is something refreshing about December 31 turning into January 1 that for some reason doesn't happen when July 31 turns into August 1 or September 30 turns into October 1. The only actual change is my dates now end in "4" rather than "3" but, metaphorically, we all get a clean state. A fresh start.

And, no matter how man-made it is, I'll take a fresh start if the world decides to give me one. (Thanks, Julius Caesar!)

{Also, can anyone tell how long months are without starting from January on a raised knuckle? If so, you are better at being an adult than I am.}

In sum, I'm going to try to blog more in this brand new year (and travel less). I hope you will come along for the ride! :) Happy Fresh Start!

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