Crumbling Resolutions aka "Being Human"

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

As I posted about here, it was my New Years Resolution to run five 5k's in 2013. So, I'm here to offer you an update in case some of you turn to my blog as an inspirational source. (Side note: don't do that. Anyone who thinks that running 15.5 cumulative miles in a calendar year is something to strive for likely shouldn't be your motivational beacon.)

As most resolutions do, mine started off relatively well when I ran the Shamrock Shuffle through the Madison tundra in March.

Then, I ran a "Color Me Pink" 5k in April with Becky through Kings Island outside of Cincy. This one was easy because I'm pretty sure it was actually about 2.5 miles through an amusement park, where most people had strollers. That's my kind of 5k!

Of course, when the people running with strollers pass you, embarrassment ensues.

At that point, I was basically shredding my resolution. Two 5k's in four months!? Had I set the bar entirely too low?! Was it possible I should have aimed to run 30 5k's?! Or maybe 4 marathons!? Or maybe I should have tried out for the US Olympic Track Team!?

Could this be my future!?! (hint: absolutely f*cking not)

It was growing warmer and my 5k numbers were looking promising, so come early May I was feeling mighty accomplished about my fitness goals. I decided to rest on my laurels for a time, and bask in my fitness glory. This was a huge mistake.

In May I ran zero 5k's (basking in the glory of April and March, clearly.)

In June, also zero. Still basking.

July: The weather was too perfectly accommodating to do any of that running business. Plus, there's basking to be done.

August.  At this point basking looks a lot like "eating fro yo three times a week and occasionally considering doing a few crunches" 

And suddenly, in mid-September, I'm looking at a mere 2 of 5 races complete, and, since I live in a climate which is hardly habitable for mankind, I can feel winter rolling in.

I actually did convince my boyfriend to run the Zoo Run Run with me -

I like this picture because it reminds us it wasn't always freezing in Madison.
So now I'm up to three! But that isn't the point of this post. The point of the post is this - in one of my very first posts ever on this blog I posted about how the concept of NY Resolutions are like, the worst.

So here's my question to mankind: Why do we have to have goals? Why does everything need to be firmly planned out in order to be deemed accomplish-able?

This is coming from an extremely goal-oriented girl. But, sometimes, I just think life would be less stressful without them. So, if you have goals that you're not meeting - I just want to let you know: it's okay. We all do. I don't think being human is about putting check marks on a giant list of things to do. Spend a little more time on New Years celebrations and a little less time on New Years resolutions. Focus on people in your life, not things. And always remember to bask.

Happy November :)

p.s. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

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