First World Problems

Monday, September 26, 2011

I had a sad realization the other day after I posted some pictures of Facebook. I was glancing through some pictures I took during the day, when I went to the Badgers game, and that same night, when I went to the bars - and a strange thought crossed my mind "My hair looks better than usual."

here's a picture of Camp Randall just for kicks, clearly not featuring my hair

Saying that my hair looks better than usual is kind of like saying the Pirates are playing better than usual or that Hitler is being nicer than usual. But still. Then I remembered that when I skyped my boyfriend (in the time between the UW game and the bars) that he had complimented me on my hair.

Now, when my boyfriend compliments me this means one of two things: 
1. it's the sign of the apocalypse
2. he did something wrong

And, in all seriousness, he never does anything wrong - so I knew that the stars must be aligned. 

So I started thinking... why does my hair look different? And realized the harsh, ugly truth. I had blow-dried it that morning after my shower. Usually I wash my hair before bed, sleep with it wet, and wake up    and it's basically dry so I run a brush through it and put it in a pony tail. 

But, clearly, my appearance could benefit if I blow dried it once a blue moon. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT. Obviously, this pisses me off, because I hate hate hate hate hate blow drying my hair. It sucks. I can't hear my music, my head gets hot, my arms hurt. No, military presses don't hurt my arms but blow drying my hair does. I can't explain it.

A side story to illustrate how truly miserable hair drying can be: the other day I was blow drying my hair and blasting music and my roomie came in (I of course didn't hear her), and when she walked over to the doorway of my bathroom and I shrieked and collapsed in a fit of terror. 

So, I've added "I hate drying my hair" to my list of first-world problems, and just currently realized another one while writing this post. "I'm addicted to flavor-blasted cheddar goldfish." The bag is now empty on my floor and my keyboard is crummy. At least my hair is dry?

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