2 Mind Blowing Documentaries

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Let me start by saying I, too, have come to hate the term "mind blowing" that seems to be plastered all over the internet in a desperate attempt to get clicks. "What Kylie Jenner wore to the After Party Will Blow Your Mind." No, I promise you, it won't. How little esteem do you ascribe to the synapses of my brain? That being said, I recently watched two Netflix documentaries that took 2 basic needs—clothes and food—and totally changed the way I view them. The messages of these documentaries have stuck with me and completely changed my perspective, so I feel justified in my post title. I'm even contemplating serious life style changes because of the intriguing (and heart wrenching) information they shared, so, I wanted to share them with you!

1. The True Cost

image via True Cost documentary
I have never been much of a shopper, but also have never come close to fully grasped the HORRENDOUS impact the fast-fashion industry is having on our environment (and on people in third-world countries!). All Caps HORRENDOUS totally justified. Even though the $4.50 tee-shirt from Forever 21 might seem cheap, the true cost is far reaching. From the genetically modified cotton farms (in Texas and India) where farmers are dying to dangerous factories in Bangladesh in Cambodia (where workers are dying), this eye-opening documentary will make you reconsider if you really need to buy a new shirt every week. The breadth of this documentary—and the breadth of the impact on fast-fashion on the world—is staggering.

Personally, I've always thought the Black Friday shopping frenzy was mildly stupid, but now I find it morally deplorable. There is a life beyond searching for meaning in stuff, and I think the more people can realize that, the better off our planet will be.

2. Cowspiracy

image via cowspiracy.com
This one was much more difficult for me to watch. Because, though I've always found shopping for clothes kind of boring (I'm known to wear the same striped tee shirt until there are holes in the sleeve...then wear it about 30 more times before getting rid of it), I've always loved eating. And I've loved eating in a no-restrictions kind of way. I've always been very much a carnivore—for my whole life!—and was nervous about watching a documentary that might make me think more closely about what I ate. Well, at my sister's urging, I watched it. And, even though it was shocking—livestock agriculture is literally unsustainable (even grass fed) and polluting the planet and ocean and impacting global warming more than you could imagine—I'm glad I did. Ever since adopting Tywin, I've been leaning into more plant-based meals, and this now has me toying with the idea of going full blown vegetarian here pretty soon. If you're thinking How bad could animal agriculture actually be??? I encourage you to check out this infographic (and then watch it)!


Both of these are available on Netflix and really worth your time (in my opinion). Have you already seen them? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also, send all other documentary recs my way :)

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