Mondays Can Be Happy Too

Monday, August 25, 2014

The jury's still out on this one, but I'm thinking of starting a blog series called "Mondays Can Be Happy Too."

There are many reasons not to do this:

a. I've never had a blog series before (sounds like quite the commitment)
b. That name kind of sucks (there's really no ring to it - totally non-hashtaggable)
c. I'm usually better at pessimism vs. optimism (ex. complaining about moving, complaining about traveling, complaining about traveling again)
d. Can Mondays really be happy?? Is the name not only un-catchy, but also a bold-faced lie?

Regardless, here is my first attempt. This may just be a one-time post, in which case, the world will continue turning (or so I'm told).

I wrote in this Monday inspiration post about how Monday gets a lot of bad press. I'm determined that it can be a, you know, tolerable weekday. I'm not saying Mondays are going to feel like lounging on the beach in Maui (unless you happen to be doing that on Monday - if so - we are all ferociously jealous) - I'm just saying we can give the day a chance. We don't have to roll out of bed and feel a sense of imminent doom. Or at least I don't think we have to.

Without further ado, I present to you: two solid reasons why your Monday can be incrementally happier.

Reason 1: No unwanted naked people

Look around you. Maybe this is around your office, around your home, around an overstuffed airport (#businesstravelersproblems). Are people clothed? Are you forced to look at the stark naked bodies of strangers?

Because yesterday, on a SUNDAY, as I was walking downtown in the lovely city of Madison, Wisconsin, I saw not one, not two, but FOUR stark naked individuals. Just strolling around. I guess they weren't 100% naked - they were all wearing shoes. AND NOTHING ELSE.

I saw them not once but TWICE when innocently wandering the streets (eating froyo, duh). It was not a pleasant experience. Actually, it was the opposite of pleasant - it was downright uncomfortable and well, squeamish.

Thus far, this has NEVER happened to me on a Monday. Rejoyce!

Rather than share a picture of the cringe-worthy nakedness - here is the Madison capitol building aglow:

Reason 2: This puppy exists

Meet Hops. Hops is my friend's Burnese Mountain Puppy. Isn't she adorable? Hops enjoys socializing, biting furniture, puppy modeling, and, in general, being constantly adorable.

Hops' interests do not vary based on the day of the week. She is perpetually cute (and happy!), even on Mondays. Let's all take a lesson from Hops. Except for the biting furniture part. That would be a weird thing to get into, regardless of the day of the week. 

Me + Becky + Hops
So, if nothing else, hopefully you can enjoy two reasons for a happier Monday. Here's hoping. If all else fails, you're closer to Friday than you were an hour ago - go you!

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  1. noticed you went with the 100% clothing option (except shoes) for the pic with Becky & Hops. wise choice.