Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have not been blogging in so long because I moved in on the 1st, and didn't get internet until today! I know what my loyal followers are thinking, I blogged on the first. This is true. I was also stealing someone else's internet. When i moved in, I experienced 2 days of free wireless bliss, leading me to believe I might not have to call the most annoying cable/internet company known to man kind (more deets to come in a later post). And then, I no longer could find the network. It was stolen from me. And I was so mad. Because I was entitled to that free internet service, damn it. I did absolutely nothing to get it so HOW DARE YOU TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME.

I don't really have time to blog now - I'm trying to prepare for my first-ever business trip tomorrow! I am going to Syracuse, NY for a trip as a learner and I'm excited to travel but hate packing.

But I really wanted to post a little update and share this picture of a view from work. I took it after a meeting one day when I spent an hour sitting on a porch swing and doing some work on my lap top:

I love this picture, because even though I live in a city, which I love, it's nice driving 10 minutes and seeing beautiful farm after beautiful farm. So peaceful! 

Well, I have much more to update on but it will have to wait for another day ...maybe I'll post tomorrow night at the hotel!

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