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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I usually post about my culinary disasters on here - so decided to be optimistic today and post about a semi-success in the kitchen.

Big news:  I made a lasagna. And the world didn't end. And my only tears were onion-cutting induced.

I realized on Sunday that I don't think I've ever cut an onion before IN MY LIFE. Talk about a milestone. Regardless, I was borderline sobbing in my kitchen while doing so. Which is good, because recently I have only been crying about 4 times a week so I've been meaning to get my average back up. Fortunately, the only beings judging me for crying were the bugs in my oatmeal.

Granted, I did almost have a panic attack in the grocery store. That might be a slight overstatement, but does anyone else find grocery shopping overwhelmingly difficulty? There are just so many things and I have no idea where anything is. It's similar to how I feel when I try to pack for a trip or look at my email on a Monday morning.

It makes me wish our stores still looked the way they did in the Oregon Trail when you walked in and told the general store owner exactly what you need and he retrieved it from behind the counter. No moving involved! No struggling to read signs while pushing your cart around looking for parsley and then suddenly you bought 5 new colors of Essie nailpolish instead.

but seriously, is there a support group I can join for this addiction?
In addition to having shopping be so much easier (why do I have to have 18 options for ricotta cheese? Why can't I have one?) I often wish I lived in an earlier era because then:

a.) I wouldn't get any emails.
b.) My name would be more contemporary.

Downside being women wouldn't have any rights. And, although I've never really dappled in it, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I would majorly suck at needlepoint.

Regardless - given my track record of kitchen catastrophes, I'm thrilled to report that: I survived the grocery store, my lasagna was made ...and eaten! No reported food poisoning. Yet. Merry early Christmas!

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