I Can't Get No..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

One of my choice annoying habbits is taking one of Stephen's favorite songs and slaughtering it into my own version. So, when he hears the song, my obnoxious version comes to mind. Totally in the running for girlfriend of the year.

Obviously, our conversations primarily revolve around quoting Kanye and Jay-Z, however, whereas after rap I like country, he likes classic rock. The Stones, Queen, etc. It goes without saying that we both love The Beatles. It's impossible not to love The Beatles. Oh, you don't?

Let me guess, you don't like Harry Potter either. Do you also hate chocolate? And newborn babies? And pay raises? And 2 hour delays in school? Stop being such a hater - EVERYONE LIKES TWO HOUR DELAYS.

If you grew up in a land without enough snow to justify a freckling of 2-hour delays throughout your winter school days, you're missing out on the one thing that all of mankind likes in unison.

Anyway, behold - my version of Satisfaction: "I. can't. get. no. Camp-us Can-dy." I know, Mick Jagger wishes he thought of that.

It happened when he was visiting - we walked to Campus Candy; it was closed. My choice was then to either drop dead of utter sorrow or sing the most annoying line 738 times on our walk to the cupcake shop and home and for all eternity. I know, I should have chosen the former. Mankind agrees.

don't worry, it was only closed because they were adding FRO YO

top reason to get married

No joke: my favorite place in Madison.
The post title actually came to be, though, because, in a desperate attempt to be motivated, I sat down to write a blog, called it "Motivation" and then immediately changed it to "I Can't Get No.." because I thought it was more catchy. And less stupid. Kind of. This week I've been getting home from work and doing the following things:

1. Sitting on the couch.
2. End of list.

To prevent myself from morphing into a sloth, I made a list of simple tasks to motivate myself:

in the back is a note from my roomie :)

After looking at the tasks I deemed WORTHY OF WRITING DOWN I became more embarrassed about my unproductivity, so I decided to post it on my blog because I'm all for self-loathing. That way, if anyone still wanted to be my friend after learning of my exceedingly annoying tendencies they would reconsider.

I'm also hoping no one notices that "brush hair" deserved is it's own line item. That's normal, right? Surely womankind can back me up here.

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  1. "It happened when he was visiting" - I seriously thought you were walking to Campus Candy with Mick Jagger. Did you major in English? : ) Of course, it's hard to make fun of the TO DO lists, but really - separate line items for starting laundry and putting it away? (Notice I'm not even mentioning brushing hair.)