Monday Funday

Monday, November 26, 2012

There's no way the Monday after Thanksgiving is fun. Still, I'm getting tired of facebook and twitter transforming into venues where people constantly complain about everything, particularly Mondays.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for complaining. (as per this post where I set the high goal to complain openly about as many topics as possible.) I actually have trouble getting along with people who don't complain enough.

Example: when you're delayed for 3 hours in the airport so have to drive from Chicago to Madison at 1:00am, but the rental car place is as packed as Ellis island during the potato famine, the best thing to do is look at your co-workers and all say in unison: "This sucks."

If, in that situation, which unfortunately is not hypothetical, a co-worker had tried to offer any semblance of a "bright side" I likely would have laid them out and left them to be trampled by the carless masses. Fortunately, all 3 of my co-workers agreed with the overall suckiness of that situation.

Moral of the story: sometimes complaining prevents you from being stampeded by weary travelers.

That being said, I am also absolutely against complaining via social media in a boring way. All I'm asking for is a little creativity.

Example: if your status is "Mondays are the worst." or "I hate Mondays." I'm going to have to substitute the word "Mondays" with the phrase "boring people including myself" in my mind just so I can be agreeable.
Mondays are an exhausted weekly topic of complaint, anyway. Expand your complaining horizons!

Example: If I were my boyfriend's cat, Joshie, I would complain about only having three legs:

even though you can't tell in this picture!
And if I were his cat Cleo I would complain that this weird tall girl has just taken 3000 pictures of me and all I'm trying to do is sit on a chair in peace:

And, if I were my old college cat, Minerva Winifred Grendel (aka Minnie). I would be complaining right now about how I just mentioned two foreign cats yet haven't blogged about her in ages. However, in true devil cat spirt, I would likely complain in the form of projectile vomitting all over the walls, taking a dump in the shower, and getting fleas, AGAIN.

updated picture of Minnie that my former roomie Christa sent us over Thanksgiving :)
As you can see - Minnie has changed a lot since her cute kitten days! :)

However, I am not a feline, so I'm just going to complain that no one has bought me this kate spade purse yet:

Enough said.

Though, admittedly, I'd rather have $119 worth of cake.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. cleo is the best and i didnt remove my comment above.

  3. ahhh. you got me. in my defense it was before 6:30 AM this morning AND i had a clever hashtag, so it's gotta count for something...

  4. I tried commenting from my phone at work, but the ED wireless sucks. This is too funny. Clebonesssssssss

  5. Joyce, I am glad to see that you have not forgotten about me over the last year and a half. I am a little disturbed that I was not the first feline to come to your attention when writing this post, but I will forgive you. Also, I have been complaining in the form of defecating outside of the litter box. Christa and her mother just don't understand that I am trying to let them know that the litter is too rough for my sensitive paws. Stupid humans....