What Not to Gift

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I once did a fairly popular post where I pretended I was a fabulous fashion blogger. Well, today, my delusional alter-ego is popping back in to share with you holiday gifts for guys! This blog proves that I'm totally in the running for girlfriend of the year - so follow these gift reccomendations so you're not lonely under the mistletoe come Christmas!

Nothing says "I kind of like you" like giving your boo-ski a Blackberry in his stocking. With it's once-was-cutting edge technology, and limited application selection, you'll be sure he doesn't spend too much time on his new gadget, and still can devote hours to watching you exchange your gifts at the mall. Plus, why does he need Siri when he has YOU?!

Practical, fashionable, and functional?! Screw GPSs. Look no further! I don't even know how your boyfriend has made it to this point in his life without owning Starfish cufflinks from everyone's favorite jeweler. Stop hanging out with a guy who looks like he's white trash and give his forearms the glamour that they deserve. (Side note: did anyone else know starfish lived in the celestial heavens? learn something new everyday!)

Also, he's likely not going to take the Tiffany & Co. plunge unless you lead the way, right ladies? How else are you going to have your little blue box moment if you don't guide him there? Another perk is I've heard Tiffany offers free shipping if you spend $5,900, donate a kidney, and refinance your house - so you might as well pick up some shiny goodies for yourself while you're browsing their website!

Hopefully your boyfriend already has everyone's favorite Man Uggs (or as I coined them "Muggs") but if he doesn't you either need to buy these for him ASAP or find a new more fashionable mate. Nothing is more manly than sheepskin footwear.

It's safe to assume he obviously wants to be just like Tom Brady - why else would he be dating a super model!?



p.s. I would recommend going against these recommendations unless you're trying to break up with your boyfriend. In which case, there's gotta be a cheaper way.

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