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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm going to try this new thing where I'm going to start enjoying my days. Not just my weekends. Not just the bars on Friday nights, yoga on Saturday morning, Church on Sunday morning, and sand volleyball games on Sunday evenings. Basically, I'm hoping to make it so I'm happy in a more consistent way - not just in the designated times that I block off my schedule to "have fun" or "be social."

To make stride towards doing this, I have one first step: start obeying random signs hanging in my apartment. Namely, this one:

I know most of you probably read the first paragraph and had one take away -- "you do yoga?" I know, a weird image for my PA friends who never saw me workout in a form that didn't involve lifting weights, running, or elbowing somene in the face for a rebound. Also, I admittedly am not the most coordinated of humans. But, yes, I found this great *free* yoga on Saturday mornings here in Madison that I really enjoy. (True story: bought $100 yoga pants (prior to ever doing yoga), forced myself to go to free yoga at store location to compensate for ridiculous pant price, now - I basically look like this:)

It's kind of a cool concept to workout in a non-competitve way. Never tried it until this year. Who would have guessed working out is more fun when you're not getting screamed at.

Back to my new "action plan" (if I must use terrible project manager terms in everyday blogging...) - basically, the concept hit me a couple weeks ago at work. I was on-site at a customer. Which is par for the course these days. (I essentially "weekend" in Madison.)

One of my analysts, who's hardworking, and probably about 40 years older than me said, "You know, I try to work hard, and I work a lot, but everyone keeps telling me the same thing. No one goes to the grave and says to themselves 'I wish I would have worked more.'"

On that note, and right before a very important meeting with high-level executives - we decided it was time to go out to lunch and dessert:

The meeting went well. I doubt I'll remember the contents of the meeting a year from now. I will remember the charming gelato place in Chicago and the importance of valuing how you use your time.

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