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Thursday, June 4, 2015

So, I know we all waste enough time on social media these days, BUT I recently found discovered two websites that have the benefit of a.) being super cool and b.) not including status updates from those annoying people from your high school.*

*I say that fully knowing that, to some people, I am, surely, the annoying person from high school. Everyone is someone else's annoying person from high school, in my opinion.  

Hope you enjoy :)


I <3 the New Yorker Cartoons, and this website let's you click through them for eternity!!! I ask you, what better way to spend eternity? Sure, you could also follow The New Yorker on facebook and twitter but this is site is 100% only cartoons! Also, you can avoid annoying anonymous people commenting. (Is social media like the watering hole for annoying people?*) Pro Tip: Even though there's a button that says "Next" at the bottom of the cartoon, you don't have to click the button, you can just click anywhere on the cartoon to advance. Pro Tip #2: you can't "go back" with the back arrow, but they do repeat occasionally. :)

*Note: I, personally, spend an inordinate amount of time on social media.

My boyfriend always has the coolest back grounds on his laptop. (I always have the same unchanged one I took of the Mississippi River like 3 Thanksgivings ago with Kelsey -- still pretty but I'm no professional photographer!) Finally, he told me where he got all his awesome back grounds! (I should have figured it was Apple; he's a bit of an Apple worshipper.) Apple has curated breathtaking photos that were (allegedly ;) shot on the good-old iPhone 6. Motivation to update your computer back ground today —and to become a better photographer.

Warning: Many hours can be spent on either of these websites. Still, I like stumbling across new enjoyable sites. Reminds me there is some good out there on the abyss of the world wide web. It's not all bad, my friends.

Hope you have a happy Thursday!! xx

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