New York City Guides

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I am thrilled to announce Becky and I are flying to New York City on Thursday for the filming of our reality TV show, Joyce & Becky Take New York! Kidding (obviously), but we are flying there for a long weekend — and I can't wait! I haven't been to New York since August (on a work trip), and used to go there pretty regularly for my old job, so I miss the rush of the city.

We're staying at a hotel in lower Manhattan where I stayed quite a bit for work (so I'll know my way around —in theory) but I've been trying to do some preparation  as far as where to eat/what to do. To that end, I've rounded up a list of NYC guides from people who know way more about The Big Apple than I do!

1. I adore A Cup of Jo, and Joanna has some really insightful posts in her NYC Guide. My favorites: 10 Ways to Not Look Like a TouristMy 10 Favorite Shops, & 10 Amazing Ways to Spend an Afternoon. (Becky & I will have to cruise some of those awesome shops! Though we'll probably still look like tourists doing it :)

2. I found The College Prepster's NYC Guide helpful!  I agree with Carly on The Meatball Shop (delicious!) and also the usefulness of Uber in New York. You'd think cabs are everywhere....until it's raining and 4pm (shift change) and you need to get to the airport, stat.

3. The Design Darling Travel Guide lists a lot of cool places in NYC broken down by neighborhood. I also enjoyed her 20 Do-Not-Miss NYC Favorites, Ranked post. Seems like we have lots of brunch spots to choose from! I pinned it for this very reason!

4. Not New York specific, but Hitha on the Go shares a whole bunch of travel tips that are good to browse before a weekend getaway. (My friend Claire swears by the travel steamer — and so does Hitha!)

5. The Glamourai has a series of posts on New York City that are fun to read for inspiration!

6. Travel + Leisure has a brief but useful NYC guide! Especially if you've never gone before.

7. Nomadic Matt is a sweet travel blog written by a guy who's been roaming the world since 2006 — his New York City Guide focuses on traveling on the cheap.


Hope you found these links helpful for planning a future trip to the city that never sleeps :) Dying to know my favorite thing about New York? Baked by Melissa Cupcakes of course!

Anything to add to the must-see must-do must-eat list? I'm all ears!!


  1. I love city guides, thanks for sharing these. I also usually check out the Tory Burch City Guides, she usually has good suggestions. A few of myfavorites in NYC are Chelsea Market, Eataly, Rubirosa Pizza (so good), the Marlton Hotel for brunch, and Dean and Deluca in SoHo to look around and get snacks/cooking goods. Have a great trip!

    1. Thanks, Whitney! I was hoping for a place with great pizza — Rubirosa looks amazing! :)