Fun Dip and Tweets

Monday, February 11, 2013

I was invited to a Super Bowl party, and asked to bring a dish to share with others. So I obviously brought Fun Dips. If only my high school had the superlative of "least likely to be re-invited to a Pot Luck."

 Probably the only people who brought a better "dish" than me were the guys who stopped at 4 different fast food places (KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell) to get the cheapest, most unhealthy, most delicious assortment of fast-food entrees.

The only thing more American than bringing fast food to a Super Bowl party is when I brought a J.Crew bag full of Bud Lights to an Olympic party over the summer.

If you don't believe me here's a tweet to prove it:

I had to black out of friend's name because I didn't ask for his permission to share his personal information with millions of people on the world wide web. I'm not sure he could handle the endless internet fame the way I do.

But you guys should follow me (@supernova35) if you don't already (YOLO). I'm a lot less annoying when I have a character limit. I currently have 2012 tweets, and I'm considering tweeting once a year for the rest of my life. However, it's pretty likely I'll tweet 54 times the next time I'm stuck in an airport.

Real talk: if you don't have twitter, get one. #hashtagsarefun

A lot of bloggers do "My Year in Review" with photos of their cute kids, cute outfits, cute vacations, etc. I was going to do "My Year in Review" with sarcastic tweets, but couldn't pick just 12. Also, laziness.

Another gem worth sharing:

Proving that Miley Cyrus is not only a rockstar named Hannah Montana in the evenings, but also moonlights as an inspirational philosopher. WHO KNEW! She's totally the original source of that whole believing-in-yourself concept, right?!

But, I've digressed from Fun Dip to inspirational tweets so you guys probably fear I'm going to talk about the Second Amendment next. BACK TO CANDY.

I have time for one last Fun Dip story before I need to go snort some colorful sugar in the bathroom. (New question for my roommate: How many Fun Dip stories do you need before you know you have a problem?)

So, I told you about these co-workers before wherein I learned about the "Hark!" game. Sometimes we take it a step further to spice things up while working. Last time we were on-site, I was dared to casually pull out my stash of Fun Dips from my coat and offer them to everyone in the room, because, professionalism.

As if there was any chance I wouldn't do that. Nailed it. Want proof? The only thing more trustworthy than tweets: Facebook statuses:

But seriously, what can I possibly say is my goal at my two year review after accomplishing that milestone? #absolutelynothing. Apparently I need to find some more inspiration. Maybe Miley Cyrus can hook me up.

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