Fashion Forward

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My twin sister visited Madison - and since she's been threatening to submit my name to  What Not To Wear we went on a shopping spree so I could "revamp my wardrobe."

Surprising fact about me: I religiously follow a couple of fasion blogs. I would endorse them here and all, but that's kind of like an obese person saying "You should totally check out my gym, you guys!" between bites of potatoe chips.

Last week I went 3 days straight without brushing my hair because I thought I lost my brush while traveling (turns out I didn't look hard enough in my suitcase....oops). That's unrelated to fashion blogs, but I just thought the public sphere should know what a great catch I am and start envying my boyfriend.

So, while out and about, my sister noticed my belt and decided a twintervention was necessary:

"Joyce, is that a ribbon belt from Aeropostale?"


"Joyce, we wore that in 6th grade, you need to get rid of it immediately!!!!!"

The funny thing is, a co-worker had noticed it recently and said, "Wow, I think I had that in pink, like, legitamitely 12 years ago." to which I responded, "Me too." (I don't know what happened to my pink rendition :( I also had it in white with multi colored hearts.)

Becky won the twintervention, and I bought a replacement belt at Lands' End....nothing says maturity like going from Aeropostale to Lands End, I suppose. Now if only I could go from hot dogs to salads. And fruit snacks to veggies.

However, I feel that a part of my childhood slowly slipped away as I disposed of my last remaining Aero item:

wasn't even worthy of Goodwill

Remember when anything with a sparkly 87 made you cool? And, if you wanted to be more mature you wore the powder blue pull over fleece with Aeropostale in cursive in the upper right corner. And, oh my gosh, I love how this shirt has a random name of a fictitious place I totally need it because Britney wore one like it, but in pink, to 5th period computer lab yesterday:

American Eagle -- I got rid of this within the last month. Equally embarrassing.
Also, I can't figure out how to rotate this picture.

In addition to my belt, I bought 3 sweaters. One from J. Crew, one from Banana Republic and one from Francesca's....and, let me tell you, they are super useful down here in Oklahoma, y'all.

All in all, I appreciate the fashion help (shout out to a cool twin sister!) People often ask me if I like having a twin, which, for the record, is a really stupid question because I don't know anything else. I always feel like retorting "Do you like not having a twin? And exisiting independentely of a twin? Do you like your life?" But, the answer is a resounding yes, having a twin rocks, and I kind of feel bad for anyone who doesn't. Yep, I pity a majority of the general population. Who's going to tell you when you need to ditch your ribbon belt from 2001?!


  1. Adios, ribbon belt. Those with the name, Becky, tend to be highly intelligent and multi-talented individuals. I hope you got your sweater on sale at J.Crew (nice lil sale going on now). I'm trying to resist.

  2. So this is true. The second night I was in a hotel for my new job (which lasted two days – both the trip and the job) I couldn’t find my brush. The brush I had had since college, my one and only brush. I was very disappointed. Since I had changed rooms from the night before, I thought I had left it in my previous room, so I went down to the front desk to check the lost and found. No brush. Did I say I was disappointed? I drove to Dollar General and bought a new brush for two dollars. So sad. While unpacking the next day, I found my original brush in my suitcase. Does this sound familiar, Joyce? I gave the new brush to Janice next time I went to visit her at college, since kids these days need fifteen brushes. I quit the job and will never travel again, for fear of losing my brush.