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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My boyfriend is in the process of flying back home now after spending a weekend in Madison. He, my roomie, and I ran an 8k together on Saturday morning! Don't worry, it was chilly and raining, in true Wisconsin-style! But we had fun and we all finished in under 45 minutes - yay!

And now I'm blissfully living in that 48-hour grace period after a long race where I can eat whatever I want and not exercise because, I just ran 5 miles. (Well, technically 4.97).

My youngest sister is an awesome track star (will be beginning her collegiate cross country/track career in the fall) and when I told her I ran 4.97 miles her response was:

"4.97? That's the most ridiculous length ever. Why didn't you just keep running after the finish line and make it to 5?"

To which I answered, "Because when I crossed the finish line the absolute last thing I wanted to do was run one step further." 

Regardless, when had a fun weekend - and it made me think of the last time he was here and we went skiing for my first time ever! But I never blogged about it - though I had meant to. It was my first time skiing in my entire life, so I'll let you imagine how well that went, considering I'm 23, 6 foot 2, and not the most coordinated of humans. Let's just say I'm lucky I did my first time in Wisconsin and not Colorado. And I'm lucky I had a boyfriend who patiently helped me down bunny hills a ridiculous amount of times. 

Conversation when going up a lift for a slightly-bigger hill:

Me: I don't think I can do this one. It's much steeper. This lift is terrifying.
Him: Joyce, just look at the four year old in the pink coat down there who seems to be doing perfectly fine.


I hope you all had fun weekends, and that the last week of April warms up for you - wherever you are :)

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