Walking the Line

Monday, April 23, 2012

I feel as if things are starting to stabilize, but I think I'm just getting comfortable with consistently having a long list of to-do's that I add items to at twice the rate I check them off.

Last week was particularly stressful, though. On Thursday evening, I was getting back to my apartment after an unplanned business trip. After taking the elevator up to my third floor apartment (elevators = totally acceptable if you have a rolly bag), I approached my door. Once almost there, I pulled out my car keys, pointed them at my apartment door and pressed the "Unlock" button. 

I should have taken the ol' I-just-tried-unlocking-my-apartment-door-using-a-honda-civic-power-lock-keychain mistake as a sign from the cosmic forces to cease all activity and dive into bed immediately. Do not pass go. Do not stop in your bathroom and try to take off your eye make up with acetone.

Because, really? There's honest mistakes and then there's losing your mind, and I was walking that line a little too closely.

Instead, I walked in my apartment and looked at my marker board in my kitchen. It's really cute, actually. My roomie is crafty and made a decorative markerboard by putting fancy paper into a large frame. I contributed by snagging dry erase markers from the office. 

The marker board held writing on it that contained an idea I had Monday prior to the surprise trip Tuesday. It read, "Tuesday night activity: fry zucchini" So, I decided to fry zucchini. Had the markerboard commanded me to "Go skinny dipping in the lake" I probably would have been better off. 

The only reason I even wanted to fry zucchini originally is this one high school summer I went to the beach and my high school boyfriend's mom fried zucchini. So, naturally, I assumed I knew how. In reality, I don't even know how to slice zucchini. Or any vegetable.

I googled how to fry zucchini and before I knew it I was mixing eggs, flour, milk, realizing I didn't have a deep fryer and dumping it all down the sink. At this point, the kitchen was such a mess that I had to produce something edible - so I fried it the way I make chicken parm - dip in egg, dip in bread crumbs, put in oil. They turned out ok:

Of course, by the time I was done I wasn't the slightest bit hungry. So I turned off the burner and walked straight to the wine store. 

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