Monday Inspiration: 101 in 1001

Monday, June 23, 2014

The internet is overly saturated with people absolutely hating on Monday.

Sure, waking up this morning and realizing it was time to go to work felt a lot like watching Portugal score an equalizer in the last second of the USA game yesterday (womp, womp) but, you guys, Monday comes once a week. And I think all the "negative press" about Monday online isn't helping me make it through the day without an exorbitant amount of coffee.

Thus, in an unprecedented move I give you: my best attempt at an inspirational Monday post!
view from Devil's Lake
I have been inspired to compile a "101 things in 1001 days" list. I originally heard of this idea from Mackenzie over on Design Darling and spent about 1001 days thinking about how I should write one. Quite literally. Mackenzie just wrapped up her first list and started her second list, and that's when realized that if I was casually thinking about starting a list for 2.75 years, maybe I should, you know, start one.

The goal is to come up with 101 new things to try in the next 2 and three-quarters year. So, not quite as dramatic as a Bucket List (death is not the deadline), and not quite as stressful as a post-it to-do list that lingers on my desk and taunts me every hour of every day. I'm all for happy mediums.

I haven't come up with all 101 items yet, but am tracking them on this newly created page of my blog, and wanted to share a few today.

1. Try stand up paddle boarding 
My proximity to beautiful lakes and my negligible amount of time spent doing water activities on said lakes is embarrassing. I'm determined to take advantage of Wisconsin's lovely lakes this summer. And stand up paddle boarding can't be too hard, right?

8. Tour the Madison Capital building
I've taken somewhere between 15 and 987 pictures of Madison's iconic landmark since moving to Madtown in July of 2011. Have I ever gone on one of the free tours offered every hour on the hour? Nope, though I've opted to eat brunch over looking it's exterior countless times. I'm determined to change that (and have brunch after the tour.)

this 8:30pm over-the-weekend picture of the Madison Capital brought to you by the summer solstice

10. Read 20 new books. Including Jane Eyre 
As an English major, the fact that I've never read Jane Eyre is essentially a dirty little secret. I'm pretty sure Bucknell would evoke my degree immediately if they ever found out.

15. Finally watch The Matrix
To indelibly avoid hearing the ever-prevalent question that has haunted my adult life, "You've never seen The Matrix!?!?!?"

21. Visit at least 3 new states 
Using the "if you stepped on land in the state, you were there" criteria, I have 36 states down and 14 to go. Does this mean I might be dragging my boyfriend to Idaho with me soon? Quite possibly.

My goal is to complete my list by the end of June - so be sure to check my 101 in 1001 days page for updates! More posts to come as I finish the list and (hopefully) start checking items off!

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