two thousand twelve

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It has been many sunrises and sunsets since I posted on here, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you! I'd like to say I haven't been blogging because I've been doing something super valuable - you know, saving Rainforests, running for office, training for a marathon - but I've pretty much just been relaxing. And loving it :)

I had a wonderful time at home with my sisters and parents - it was my longest Christmas break in 4 years! Special shout out to all the ballers who were still hooping on December 26th. Personally, you couldn't have got me to go to a basketball court on December 26th had you given me a million dollars. Or told me that Lil Wayne and Taylor Swift were going to give me a private concert there and then after it Prince Harry of Wales was going to propose.

Don't you agree that Lil Wayne and T-Swift should tour together? I've been saying it for years. And no, I'm not actually attracted to Prince Harry, I'm just saying, if things fall through with my current boyfriend, sharing Kate Middleton's wardrobe? HUGE INCENTIVE. Let's start with that darling white dress...

Anyway, it was so nice to spend more time with my family around the holidays than usual. While most of my friends were complaining about their shortest break in four years - mine was quite the opposite! I guess everything is relative.

The pictures above are all from Madison, I just love living by Lake Monona - so beautiful to drive by in the morning. My only problem is, when I try to go for runs by the lake, using my iPhone's Pandora app - all I ever want to do is stop and take pictures. Not much of a workout.

And yes, even though it is nearly mid-January, I am still able to run comfortably outside in Madison, Wisconsin! Crazy. We are supposed to get some snow tonight though...I'm secretly excited. But don't tell anyone :)

I just realized that this past week I hit some mile stones - January 5th, my six-month mark at work. And January 3rd, the anniversary of this blog.  Read my first post here: First Ever Rejoyce Post :)

Although I started it as a resolution in 2011 with a goal of posting every week day - I'm going to continue posting, but more sporadically. Writing is definitely a great way to reflect and put things into perspective for me. Anyone whose looking for a New Years resolution, I definitely recommend blogging! :)

Since I ended my first-ever post with a quote, I will end with a quote here as well:

"I write to understand as much as to be understood" - Elie Wiesel

When proof-reading this post, I noticed an excessive amount of smiley faces. Like, don't worry everyone, someone remembered their annoying emoticon pill today. But I decided to keep them in because I sincerely wish each one of you a HAPPY new year! :)

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