From Food to Adjective

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I learned something today.

I feel like that sentence should be a stand-alone paragraph. It's not every day I start a blog post with a declaration like that. Keep reading, you'll be less impressed, I promise.

I'm at lunch and one of the girls I'm with is describing a guy I've never met. She's using the typical adjectives one uses when describing a new crush - you know, in the phase before you find out he also leaves the seat up and obsessively texts his ex-girlfriend.

This guy is "nice" and "funny" and "crunchy" and "granola" and I'm all "Excuse me, what were those last two?"

She explained that "granola" is a totally acceptable term to use when describing a know, just your typical vest-wearing, water bottle-toting, outdoorsy, free-spirited dude. And the weird part is, I knew exactly what she meant. But still, GRANOLA? How should I feel if someone calls me that? Can you really categorize someone as a breakfast food?

So, I got back to my office and immediately Urban Dictionaried it and, turns out, my friends aren't liars! It's actually legit

Granola: It's not just for breakfast anymore

As weird as it sounded, I decided to embrace this wholeheartedly. Thus proving that you can, in fact, you can teach a 23 year-old dog new tricks. Turned the big 2-3 yesterday, and I'm still learning things right and left. The best news about this is that I am now determined to transform more food items into human characteristics.

"Sure, she's nice, but she's so salad."

"If he wasn't so pizza all the time, maybe I'd consider dating him."

"I love her! She's just pretzel."

I'm super excited about this revelation because it allows me to indulge in two of my passions:

1. Food
2. Judging people

I'd feel better about my life if that list wasn't all-inclusive.


  1. I can't believe you made it through Bucknell without hearing that phrase... we call one of my friends and really half of her sorority "crunchy granola".

  2. i can't believe i just now saw this comment! i feel like i didn't really go to bucknell...i went to sojka pavilion. haha!