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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At my work this week, many customers are here for our annual customer convention! 5,000 staff + 6,000 customers = one crazy week. And, don't worry, it's Fairy-Tale themed!

I did not take these pictures, but one of my co-workers did and said I could share them with you! (Thanks :) )

a beautiful shot of the campus

people, people, people!

horse and carriage rides for the customers!

It has been a crazy, but very exciting week. I've been volunteering to help out with things around campus everyday...room monitoring, doing food prep/catering, and tomorrow I'm going in at 7am for beverage prep! I got to meet my customer today, and that went well! I don't really want to blog too much about work - but wanted to share these lovely pictures! Hope your weeks are going well!

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